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[1.0.6] SchemeSanctum - Factions [PvP, Grief and Raid] [120 Slots] [32GB ECC ram]


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Sorry guys we have now fixed all the problems with the server running on the wrong port.

You can now connect via the ip: Tekkit.schemesanctum.com

Dont add any ports on the end accept for 25565 if your minecraft does not have that as the basic port

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ah, you are the guy who entered and was like "nigga nigga nigga imma rage cuz i cant use mystcraft"

i do not feel like helping you in any possible way with that attitude.

That is true how cam you expect our staff to help, some one who comes on breaking rules any way?

You guys misunderstand. I didn't want any help. I want to play on a server WITH MystCraft. The moment I realized that wasn't available on your server I didn't feel the need to behave anymore

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  • Anything claiming to be official Technic servers are not allowed here, for obvious reasons

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