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[1.0.6] SchemeSanctum - Factions [PvP, Grief and Raid] [120 Slots] [32GB ECC ram]


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SchemeSanctum - Tekkit.SchemeSanctum.com

Our Website:


Welcome to SchemeSanctum. We are on 1.0.6 so update to it!

Our server is a factions, griefing and raiding server.

IP: Tekkit.SchemeSanctum.com

Our few rules are:

No Exploits

No Cheating

No Hacking

Our specs:

3.5 GHz with 8 threads

32 GB DD3 ECC ram

10 TB Uplink

120gb SDD

We have no mods disabled!

Our only banned items are:

Riftblade - creates infinite dimensions causes lag

Mining turtles - Only banned temp because of spawn protection bypass

Waraxe - banned temp for safezone pvp protection

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the binder is limited, due to if we aloud it people could spam making dimensions that would cause allot of lag, although the server has great specs it would be very hard to have mystcraft not limited at all.

Makes sense.

Could it be possible to delete the files of certain ages that have been created then disregarded and are no longer in use by anyone?

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