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This modpack DESPERATELY needs some sort of nuclear power


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Yeah, we recognize that the current state of TE is not ideal for replacing IC2. And frankly, it wasn't meant to. I don't like the idea of some of IC2's concepts and generation, and really just didn't set out to create a replacement. Still, I'm smart enough to know that it's a workhorse mod, and we could use a bit more early game stuff and tech progression. We're working in that arena now.

In the near term, Zeldo is working on Itemducts, I'm doing some backend improvements to Conduits in general, adding a couple of new blocks, and then likely a Solar array. I've been wanting to hold off on adding large generation (which the solar is) until we had large power consumers, but I can understand that the generation is sort of a bigger issue at the moment.

As long as the Solar Array isn't as OP as the Solar Array from IC2 (Up to the point where the tech tree revolves around it), that would be a wonderful addition.

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