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More RAM?


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I'm trying to allocate more RAM to tekkit, but when I click the modpack then hit the little gear icon to the top right of the launcher, and click the Memory: thing, it only gives me 3 options. 512mb, 768mb, and 1gb.

Is there another way to give tekkit more than 1gb of ram? I cannot run it properly without lagging like crazy even with optifine...

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If you don't see the higher ram settings then you are most likely running a 32bit version of Java. Do this:

  • open a command prompt (cmd.exe)
  • type "java -version" (without quotes) and hit enter
  • The last line with text should say 32-Bit or 64-Bit

If you have the 32bit version you need to remove all instance of Java from your system (uninstall) and download the latest 64bit Java 7 JRE from java.sun.com

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generally you will have both 32 bit and 64 java on a 64 bit OS due to the fact that most browsers and plugins, applications, and so on for them are still 32, if you have 64 installed just set it as your system path to java, also for checking which java you have you can use

java -d32

java -d64

it will either say it doesnt exsist or it will give you the list of help topics for testing what you currently have pathed

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