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Let's Test Big Dig 1.3.10!


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Hey guys, please don't try out versions that aren't promoted to Latest yet. 1.3.11 is in there, but I've got a couple more changes to be made to it before it's ready to play. It'll be ready to go later this morning.

I updated to big dig 1.3.10 and started wandering around my old world when it crashed, some exception in server tick loop from mekanisim. Any help would be appreciated.


This is a bug that's been reported a few times- I explained it earlier in the thread. Fixed in 1.3.11, but again, chill until .11 gets promoted to Latest.

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I normally set it to 2gb but forgot, but what is increased Permgen?

The permanent generation is where all the loaded jars and classes from mods go- when you've got this many mods, the default size of the permanent generation is too small and so that checkbox doubles it. Other settings I use locally to improve my FPS:

- Set graphics to fast

- Set display distance to Normal

- Set Advanced OpenGL to On (this setting will activate occlusion querying which will prevent many underground caves from being rendered if your video card supports it, which almost all do).

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