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yet another question... overflowing my planters???


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Simple low tech option. pipe going to your planter. Last pipe connecting to it is either a diamond pipe or an insertion transport pipe. Connect another pipe too the side of the diamond/insertion pipe and route this to a chest.

For the diamond pipe, place what you want to go into the planter, in the color slot of the pipe that is connected to your planter, AND place something silly, like another diamond pipe or a dirt block into the color slot that the seeds are entering the diamond pipe from. This way it will always try to put them into the planter first. If they won't fit, it will route them back out. And since the pipe they first entered through is blocked by a spacific sorting requirement, they will go out the other pipe to the chest.

Insertion pipes are smarter. They automatically do everything for you. The seeds/saplings will try to go into the planter first, if that's full, they will go into the other pipe instead.

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