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Did you even bother to read the stickies?

Like this one?

Q. My Launcher starts up but there are no packs!

A. Your Launcher might not be able to connect to the net. Before you open it, try right clickng, and on the drop down menu select "run as admin". This is reported to have bypassed this issue. (Windows only)

Dont be afraid of stickies, they wont bite...

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already tried that didnt work

okay, I know this is frustrating for you, it is for me atleast, so I'm gonna suggest something here: Instead of proposing solutions that you "have already tried didn't work" then how about you telling me how many other solutions did you try?

This will save the others the annoyance of repeating a solution you already did, so we can move on by giving you a solution you HAVEN'T tried yet.

Also, this is starting to be way off topic. You stated that you had a email problem, NOT a launcher problem that has no modpacks in it.

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Why did you post ANOTHER thread with your actual issue when this one is irrelevant?

The "email" issue is kinda like saying "I crashed my car and called the towing truck and tried fixing my car.... oh by the way my wife is giving birth to our first child... I guess that should've been my top priority to get to her... But how do I fix my car?" :rollseyes:

This thread is unimportant now... The REAL issue here is OP not having any modpacks on his launcher.

Anyone who has read this far and has any solution to OP's problem should post in this thread.

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