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How to disable certain parts of the power gauntlet??

Erik Mancha

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I really would like users on my server to use the power gauntlet but for non griefing purposes. I know of a few things that are harmful such as the lux capacitator and plasma gun, but what else is and how can I disable them? Please help me with this.

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Thank you very much Teraku are there any modules you would recommend I set to false? and also I am having a huge issue with disconnect.overflow and I really need help.

Disconnect Overflow means the server is trying to send more data then your bandwidth can handle.

Basically your upload speed is not fast enough. You could reduce view distance in server.properties which will send out a few less chunks to each user.

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Or something really bad or busy is happening in the area you're in. I had the issue when I had a quarry that ran across a Hole then pillar of water and when I tried to drain it with gravel along the spot, it basically kept kicking me with that message until it all drained away.

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