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For people wondering about updates.

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Please note, this is in no way a thread complaining on Tekkit, just something to keep up with what version mods are currently in. I understand that Tekkit, and the technic packs makers have lives, this is mostly for impatient people.

And to anyone saying "These are already updated! Why won't those lazy guys at tekkit update?"

It's not quiet that simple. From what I've heard, it kinda goes like this.

Minecraft- Updates to 1.2.3

Modder1- Updates to 1.2.3

modder2- Doesn't update.

modder3-decides to skip this update for now.

minecraft- updates to 1.2.4

Modder1- Just updated, doesn't want to do this update.

modder2- Updates


minecraft- updates to 1.2.4

modder1- updates

modder2-just updated, doesn't want to update.

modder3-just updated, doesn't want to update.

Basically this, but with 20 modders or more, instead of three. If even one of them doesn't update, or skips an update, Tekkit has to wait for them, or exclude them from Tekkit, as one version of thier mod might be incompatible with the current versions of others mods. One of the modders not updating, or skipping the current version can stall the entire thing.

And this is a list of the mods, and thier current versions.

Bukkit Ports sourced from MC Port Centeral-1.1-R.4

Modloader by Risugami, Bukkit by Maeyanie-1.2.5

Minecraft Forge by SpaceToad, Eloraam, and LexManos, Bukkit by Maeyanie- I could be wrong, but there may be a patch for 1.2.5

Buildcraft Complete Package by SpaceToad, Bukkit by Maeyanie-1.2.3

Additional Pipes courtesy of DaStormbringer, Bukkit by halvors-1.2.3

RedPower courtesy of Eloraam, Bukkit by Maeyanie-1.2.3

Power Crystal’s Mods courtesy of power crystals, armed_troop and TehKrush, Bukkit by davboecki, muCkk, RichardG867-1.2.4 (Maintained by Teh_krush)

CommandBook by sk89q- Bukkit mod, has a dev version for 1.2

WorldEdit by sk89q, TomyLobo, wizjany and zml2008- Bukkit mod, works with 1.2.4

ChopTree by Iso_1-Bukkit mod, works with craft bukkit 1.0.1-R1

Convienient Inventory by ShadowAlex-1.2.4

Forestry by SirSengir, Bukkit by Maeyanie-1.2.4

MAtmos by Hurricaaane-1.2.5

Industrial Craft 2 courtesy of Alblaka and the IC2 Team, Bukkit by muCkk-1.2.4

Advanced Machines for IC2 by AtomicStryker- Addon for industrial craft.

Charging Bench for IC2 by Drashian, Bukkit by cpw- Addon for industrial craft.

Railcraft Bukkit by CovertJaguar-1.2.4

Inventory Tweaks by jimeowan-1.2.4/1.2.5

Chickenbones Mods courtesy Chickenbones and Ecu-1.2.3

Recipe Manager- Bukkit mod, works with Craft bukkit 1.0.1-R7

Rei’s Minmap-1.2.4

ComputerCraft by dan200, Bukkit by halvors-1.2.4

Balkon’s Weapon Mod by BalkondeurAlpha, Bukkit by Gamephantom-1.2.3

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To explain why there has been delays on the update to 1.2.5 for a few mods;

Forge has now dropped support for ModloaderMP, they got sick of having to wait for ModloaderMP to update every time. In short what this means is that some of the mods that relay on ModLoaderMP will have to be re-coded this might take a while.

The recent release of forge was unable to load mods directly from the mods folder on your server and there client side had nothing in regarding the changes so not sure why waiting on some feedback.

My personal opinion, it's bit hectic forge has done some changes in the last couple of updates that has actually started breaking mods, they getting a bit relentless towards people actually using certain API's and then have to re-code everything, anyway lets hope everything goes as planned.

Some other Minecraft related news Keavator has stopped development on his mods thanks to all the minecraft updates he got fed up, hes work was picked up by someone else so will see how that goes and the developer of BC has also stepped down from developing BC further and now leaving that to the community another great developer gone.

Hopefully we will still have mods left to play in month or two, been on the minecraft website and mods just aren't being updated as they use to and they just left to die think we should thank Mojang for that and there super release an update every 2 week stunts.

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Thank you Revelator for explaining some of that, saved me a couple hours of reading forums.

PsychoBob, do you think you could update the list as the mods update? There's a thread in the technic forum that has them, but obviously not the bukkit ports.

I'll try to check things and post here if i find any.

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Well to be completely honest if Forge succeeds at pushing everyone into recoding their mods to use forge and not forge + twenty other APIs it will be a net win for everyone. A lot of the compatibility issues that Technic and Tekkit run in to come from conflicting APIs, and a lot of the work that Kaker and the other technic devs put into the pack involved figuring out the optimal set of APIs and the order to put them in.

Forge was supposed to be a way around all of that. An open source project that allowed people to add hooks into a single API, allowing them to do what they needed without breaking everyone else. Once a new hook was added, they would push the new version of forge and there would not be anymore code overlaps. Unfortunately that has not really worked for a couple of reasons. First, Forge does not update nearly enough for that to work out in the short term, so a lot of modders just keep using other APIs because it has what they need without them waiting. Second, as I just said the big modders seem to not give a crap whether or not their mod works with someone else's mod. The exceptions of course being IC2, RP2, and BC. Surprise surprise they are the people who head forge.

To be honest I am surprised that Forge did not do its own modloader version sooner. Eloraam could write a much better version of it, but unfortunately she seems to be trailing off her own MC coding and updates would not happen often either. Same goes for most of the APIs out there. Nearly all of them could be incorporated into Forge with just a couple of loose ends that break the deal for most modders. It seems like it is usually things in world gen then dont play nicely together.

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