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How can I get water to fill a space?


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I'm trying to fill an irrigation ditch and I can get the pump to fill the pipes. However I cannot get the water to empty into the ditch. I'm sure it's a simple attachment and I've spent a fair amount of time trying to find the answer. Thanks in advance!

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What about the Liquid Router? I've never used them, but the item router will take a dropped item and basically just output it in another direction, even if there's nothing there to accept it. I use item routers in my cactus farm to make sure that "popped" cactus pieces get directed to a stream of water to be channeled to the obsidian pipe for collection.

EDIT:: I should confirm, I've used liquid routers, but only with tanks, don't think they have any internal storage buffer or anything so it would make sense that they just spit the water where you want it.

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