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Massive Battery Setup Problems


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So i was thinking of making a massive battery setup for my fusion reactor that i set up. To store the MJ I decided to use redstone conduits to to transfer power from the reactor to a bunch of Redstone Energy Cells. From there i have those cells connected to a Energy tesseract that would output the power to whatever need the power. Before i started to make multiple layers, I decided to test it out and make sure there were no problems. After I filled up the Redstone energy cells with power via the Fusion Reactor, I noticed that after long periods of time the stored energy was dissapearing from the Redstone Energy Cells even though the tesseract was only powering the fusion reactor which wasn't even on. Does anyone know why this is happening?

Pix of setup- Top view with the right side being a conduit connected to the Fusion reactor.


Bottom view


Tekkit 1.1.5

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There are a couple possible reasons.

Conduits bleed some energy overtime. The reason it takes so long to be noticeable its because its too little.

Iirc, cells short circuit and loose a % of their power ( take this one with a grain of salt, as it may just be the conduit bleedout)

You are actually using energy from the tesseract for a low consuption machine like a furnace.

I cant really think of any other reason that doesnt end up being one of the mentioned above.

Edit: thought of another one. If you placed new conduits, those need to fill their buffer. That might explain small amounts missing.

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I haven't noticed any bleed on my battery setups. I have the end set of Energy Cells configured to only work on a redstone signal, so I can switch them off. When I do, I don't think I've noticed a significant bleed. Will check today and edit my post with what I found. I have a set up with 32 Energy Cells, stacks of 4 with 3 stacks per row just for the Fusion storage.

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ok, found where the loss could be comming from. 1 energy conduit holds 50 Mj, 1 LINKED tesserect holds ~34 Mj, right. But every time you save and log out, the conduits and tesseracts drop the stored power. Then when you log back in, they refill themselves with that much power, drawing it out the the energy cubes. There could be your energy loss.

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I'll probably end up doing what CharlieChop suggested.

I wouldn't think it matters when i log in and out since i have a chunk loader holding that chunk active always. I've noticed that if I am not on for about a whole day, every cube is completely drained. That is where my main concern came from.

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