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Adding Forestry to Tekkit 1.1.7


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Hi Everyone!

Just wondering, has anyone been able to get the version of Forestry loaded up on their server. I just updated to the 1.1.7 server last night and was going to try and install this mod tonight and get my bee game up. Any suggestions or help would be awesome. T.I.A.!

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Liking other mods does not warrant any kind of hate or negative thought. at least thats my standing point.

although forestry has some nasty history and a "one time too many" events. i dont trust forestry and i will probably never will. although i was surprised only plow answered the question.... i kept quiet because i simply do not know XD

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I've been maintaining a pack for a while now in which I started with Tekkit 1.1.5 and added/upgraded:

Added: Industrial Craft 2

Added: IC2 Nuclear Control

Added: IC2 Advanced Solar Panels

Added: IC2 Advanced Machines

Added: ExtraBiomesXL

Added: BigReactors

Added: Factorization

Added: Forestry

Added: PowerCrystal's PowerConverters

Added: Railcraft

Added: TooMuchTNT

Added: Tubestuff

Added: Wireless Redstone (Slimevoid)

Added: Advanced Repulsion Systems

Added: Wireless Redstone CBE

Added: Translocators

Updated: Applied Energistics

Updated: Galacticraft

Updated: BuildCraft to 3.7.1

Updated: CoFHCore

Updated: Thermal Expansion

Updated: Dimensional Anchors

Updated: Dimensional Doors

Updated: Modular Force Fields

Updated: Mine Factory Reloaded

Updated: MystCraft

Updated: Greg's Lighting

Updated: OpenPeripheral

Updated: Immibis Mods

Hasn't been too troubling to maintain, and the nephew loves the "and the kitchen sink" approach. hehe. Had a bit of trouble recently when I upgraded DimDoors, Greg's Lighting, TreeCapitator (and something else I forgot about) because the configs changed significantly, updated/removed block/item IDs, or change file names altogether, but nothing that couldn't be fixed with a bit of meta-data tweaking.

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Hey guys! Thanks for the responses! I'm not here to raise pulses, just wanted a quick 2 Step Guide to getting it up and running. So i added the into the coremods folder on the server and client and it seems to come up normally, however i can't see any of the items in NEI, and its going to take some serious exploring to see if there are any bees out in my overworld. Is there any NEI plugins or updates that I should know about? I was going to update NEI but it seems that I already have the latest one which supports Forestry 2.2. A real head scratcher here? Thanks for all the help so far!

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Actually, yes, ExtraBiomesXL does show up in Mystcraft! Quite cool.

Also, there are indeed updates to NEI for Mystcraft, Bees, Forestry, etc. You can check out the configs, mods, settings and such by grabbing the pack. Just search in the Technic modpacks for "JacksonCraft".

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