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What do you look for in a Let's Play?


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ha ha ha well that was my initial thought too but along that line of thinking you could ask a lot of other questions like: "do we really need another mod?" "do we really need another MC update?" or not related to MC "do we really need another TV show/movie/computer game?"

I know lots of people like to watch them and since I play MC anyway perhaps someone might get enjoyment out of it. ...don't worry Dew, i'll find out where you live and set up a giant screen outside your house w/ huge speakers so you'll have to watch too! :-D

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you can never have enough "let's play" videos or series. It's like TV people want entertainment. But what i really look for is a good story line with maybe some drama on the side. But most important i think is finish your end goals and create new ones if the series becomes popular.

I have a couple of really cool ideas as far as story lines for characters but i'm not really good at the "let's play" thing. The mindcrafters are really good at "let's play" videos and they don't have much of a story line. They just built and are funny when they make mistakes and make fun of each other. Just be yourself :)

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In the YouTube videos I've seen (a lot, believe me) the best either show me cool new things (Direwolf20), have hilarious improv/drama (Which is why the Yogscast's Tekkit series was so good, and their Yogcraft series was so boring), or build cool stuff, especially in a group setting (Bdouble0, Etho, Guude, Mindcrack essentially). A fun personality or sense of humor doesn't hurt, and neither does a good mic.

I'd really like to see the Yogscast start a new modded Minecraft series, actually, and for them to do it right. None of this Sips and Sjin helping muck around with bees... back to the good stuff! Industrial Espionage, fallouts, spying, SipsCo breathing down Honeydew Inc's neck... Or maybe you could beat them to it! ;)

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Do what you would like to see yourself. You probably shouldn't make one if you don't see the appeal of watching one.

Here's my likes and dislikes:

* Like: Fast forward through repetitive work like mining, sorting inventory or building walls.

* OK: skipping it.

* Dislike: showing it in real time.

* Like: showing mod features, espc. new ones, in practical ways.

* Like: Aesthetic builds. I haven't really seen any LPs with architecture much beyond Direwolf20s N by N cobble rooms

* Like: Talk about why you do things the way you do, especially wrt. to aesthetics.

* Dislike: Too much chaotic silliness in multiplayer. In Dire's latest forgecraft, for instance, the morphs were fun - for a short while. At least they're not randomly murdering each other.

* Dislike: asking for suggestions about what to do or show during the show.

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