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[1.0.7] MonkyD's - Thaumcraft in my Hexxit!


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! ! ! UPDATE ! ! !

Server Changelog as of 3.10.2013 - 12:00 GMT

1. The Server is now running Hexxit 1.0.7 so update to the recommended version

2. Thaumcraft and Thaumatic Tinkerer are still needed as is the config file change. Extract this zip in your Hexxit folder to make your client compatible: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/8033167/MonkyDAddons.zip

3. The Nether had to be reset because of several bad chunks that i was unable to remove, I'm very sorry if you lost stuff you built over there.

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Right chaps, the whitelist now looks like this:












Million, I'm so sorry! I wouldn't have kept you waiting if I realised!

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Server Info: As you may have knowticed we had some problems with the server stability during the last few days, I belive it was caused by BetterDungeons trying to spawn castles or battletowers that didn't have propper templates. I updated the files on the server and hope this will eliminate further crashes.


Jarst4r: Monky whitelisted you. Welcome to the Thaumaturgic Society.

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IGN: Spl1cr

age: 26

Being able to play on a server with Hexxit and thaumcraft sounds AWESOME. I have been playing my singleplayer Hexxit and FTB and tekkit for a long time and single player is just be coming boring. Im looking for a place to be able to cooperate and adventure with some people online.

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IGN: Prestons_Bitch

Age: 16

I really am sorry for the name, It wasn't me who made the account, it was my friend (Preston) And I never thought I would use it online, But I hope it doesn't deter you because I would love to join a dedicated and fun server and I've always loved Thaumcraft

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IGN: Kaocrat

Age: 33

I love Thaumcraft and fantasy/adventure themed survival so this sounds just about ideal. I've played Thaumcraft and Thaumic Tinkerer a lot, but always on small private servers with no more than 3-5 people, so I'm really interested to see what a large group of players would get up to.

Question: Which version of Thaumcraft and Thaumic Tinkerer do we need? On the frontpage it says "latest" but since TC and TT are both updated to 1.6.x, I'm assuming it's an earlier version than that?

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Well it must be a age thing as thats what interests me with these mods as well! I'll be honest we aren't a hugely populated server but we do have active players. As for the version, the first post has links to a config file which will get you onto the server.

See you there.

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