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[1.0.7] MonkyD's - Thaumcraft in my Hexxit!


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[1.0.7] MonkyD's - Thaumcraft in my Hexxit!

Looking for a good old fashion Hexxit Experience with the added value of Thaumcraft and Thaumatic Tinkerer. Additional mods include Grieftprotection to protect the paranoid from the idiots and CreeperHeal to protect the landscape.

This is a 24/7 private, dedicated server. Please post your IGN and age and come along for the ride.

Please note, I am for this to be a minimalist, adventure map so: /tp, /home & /spawn commands are not available. Don't ask for gear or whine and we'll all get on fine.

See you there!

! ! ! UPDATE ! ! !

Server Changelog as of 3.10.2013 - 12:00 GMT

1. The Server is now running Hexxit 1.0.7 so update to the recommended version

2. Thaumcraft and Thaumatic Tinkerer are still needed as is the config file change. Extract this zip in your Hexxit folder to make your client compatible: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/8033167/MonkyDAddons.zip

3. The Nether had to be reset because of several bad chunks that i was unable to remove, I'm very sorry if you lost stuff you built over there.

Apologies to the community with these recent ups and down, I'm sure your all agree they are worth it - plus it's been a good learning exercise.

Lots of people joining and being auto kicked as they haven't installed Thaumcraft. Install it and learn about this great mod!!! Then join in chaps!

Check out the wiki here... http://thaumcraft-3.wikia.com/wiki/Thaumcraft_3_Wiki

still whitelisted yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :)

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Server crashed today and it crashed for a couple hours last night. I think I may have caused it. Ender Bow seems to cause a crash, FYI.

Are there any other items which tend to crash the server? Would be good to list them so everyone knows.

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I'm really good at crashing the server!

The item from Artifacta called "box" apparently crashes the server, at least when you put beds in it. You can pack the boxes just fine, but once you unpack the box it seems to cause a crash.

BTW if this is annoying/unhelpful I will stop posting about item crashes, just let me know. I figured it would be useful information for other players to have is all.

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Update regarding Server Stability:

1. We are running out of memory.

The server only has 1GB RAM and cannot handle a lot of action. If you knowtice the server is starting to lag or loads chunks only when you are a few blocks away from it - please stop. I mean really just Stop. Stop moving, stop crafting. Give the server time to work or you will crash it.

2. The downtime a few hours ago up to now was caused by Battletowers spawning very close to each other, taking up more than 500mb after the server started and causing an instant crash again. I tried to change that in the config so new towers will be double the distance they are now. If this continues to be a problem we'll have to think of something else.

3. I'll implement bans on items that crash the server later today. I will try not to ban them completely but only their use so you can still look at them but not crash the server.


The spawning of new Battletowers has been disabled till the server can handle it. Existing ones will not be affected. -Reenabled, this isnt true anymore.

Update of Update

1. No itembans yet so dont use stuff like Enderbows.

2. Dimensional doors are causing the server to use a lot of RAM for one player. Each door you use within about 5 minutes increases your RAM usage by 1 player. Meaning 2 players each using 4 doors to travel between their homes, warehouse, village and stuff will need RAM for 8 players.

LESSON: Use Dimensonal doors as few times as possible, dont travel more than every 10 minutes to reduce server load. Fast travel comes at a very high price.

@Kaocrat: reporting it here is fine but use the edit option on your posts to add something new so you don't double post.

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Heads up guys!

Aparently the new Technic Launcher changed the Modpack Directories.

If you cannot connect to the server anymore because ThaumC and TT are missing you need to move your Hexxit folder from .technichexxit to .technicmodpackshexxit.

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