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Iron Tanks


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I reckon they should add the Iron Tanks to the Tekkit Main Mod Pack, just so more fuel and other liquids can be stored easily. Just looking for opinions people have on this matter.

I've been barking up that tree since I discovered the tekkit forums. They may add more options eventually but now your choice is limited to either BC tanks or Steve's carts liquid managers. The amount of glass the liquid manager takes to build is sick, but at 128 buckets in one block, it is the current best option in the pack.

There was a great thread on the forums called 'liquid storage solutions' just recently. It shows some compact setups for large amounts of liquid. The thread should still be there a couple pages back. Its worth a look if your not familiar with Liquid Mangers.

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It's more than just good, it's LOG! J/K.

But the OpenTanks can pretty much go anywhere and link up to any of its kind as long as it's either empty or is holding one type of liquid. (It gets wierd when there's two or more, but that's easy to avoid.) I'm pondering lining the ceiling with them and pump in a bit of Ender Liquid for that cool shimmery look.

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Still, I can always hope they add the Iron and steel tanks :P Even if the just extract the particular part from the railcraft mod

NO! If there's one thing CJ would hate more than Railcraft in Tekkit, it's a modified version of Railcraft in Tekkit. Please, let's not even go there!!!! =O

I'm excited for OpenBlocks, though. It's a distinct posibility.

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