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How to throw stuff away


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Hello everyone.

It has been a while since I played tekkit so I started a new map, and new map means new questions.

I have the following problem and I seem to not be able to fix it.

I have about 40k cobblestone I will never use since I just get it from a igneous extruder, and as much as it is not "troublesome" since it just sits in the ME I just don't want to leave it there.

Getting it short, I want it thrown out. My problem is I can't seem to find a way to do so.

I can get it to a ME Network interface and thought of using an Ejector to have it throw things out but the Ejector requires a redstone signal to pull items.

Now, is rednet the only way to get that signal or am I missing something obvious?

Just asking as I'd like to avoid re-inventing the wheel.

P.S. Using pipes is a no-no as they crashed the server once and I really don't like having them laying around

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@Norman1346: Logistic pipes made the server crash once, I'm not giving them any more chances.

@Dewfire: Yeah, I was trying to get that way too, but I can't seem to automate the "push stuff out of ME" part, which is the reason I opened this post.

Ah sorry , you did say that.

I also have a Cactus named Earl in the corner of my lab. He eats everything and never causes lag.

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yep, but how do i trigger the ejector every X seconds?

I found out using the ME interface worked better since it counts as a chest, but how do I trigger the ejector? rednet?

Rednet would do it. I personally highly enjoy running red-stone so I never learned the red net controller..

I would build something like this. Horizontally, all on the same height level.

D <R D

D R> D T

D=red-stone dust

<R= left facing repeater set to slowest.

R>= right facing repeater set to slowest.

T= the spot where you put down a red-stone torch for just a second to get the red-stone loop going.

I use that set up for all my Liqi-crafters as they take a pulse too. I hide the signal pulse under ground and send it up to the machine on a glow-stone block, in order to keep the red-stone signal loop hidden, since red-stone signal can travel up on glow-stone even if there is a diagonally placed block that would normally disrupt the signal.

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could just use the MFR deep storage unit to store the bazzillion stacks of cobblestone you may have. I mean Quite helpful to have a ton of it ready to go. I personally used my ME network to output cobblestone directly to it while making sure I had at least 1k in the network ( never know when you might need a ton for some crazy crafting project ).

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I just dig a deep hole. Then run some piping. Use a diamond pipe to sort out the cobble and dirt shooting down the hole. Down the line is a sorting system that sorts out all the ore, coal, redstone, and other items. Slowly learning to automate things. So far have a ore processing factory. Got to the point I had to start converting iron ingots to iron blocks.

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I fear that if I keep 2 billions I'll end up making a giant pony just to use it.

Anyway I set up stuff using a condenser, a level emitter, an ME export bus and a dark cable.

When the emitter detects too much of something it'll link the export that'll throw stuff in the condenser :)

And I said no pipes in my first post.

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