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[1.1.10] Hidden Valley [Survival][16 slots][Whitelist][DiabloDrops][PVE][Grief Protection]


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Age: 13 (Turning 14 next month)

In-Game name: CrazyPear2000

Location in USA: I don't live in USA, I live in UK, Northern Ireland

Reason why you want to join: I want to join this server because I want to enjoy playing this server with my friends and other players of the community. Another reason I want to join this server is because there are alot of griefers in other servers I have been in.

A little about myself: I enjoy building projects with friends and other people & I love engineering.

Previous Servers: I have played alot of servers but I haven't played online multiplayer for a while now (I played alot of LAN with my brother). But the most recent I can remember is WidowCraft.

An Image of Previous Works: Well I don't have any images of my works because I had alot of pictures of my buildings before my PC was re-installed and all the files got deleted :(... I built a giant military base and a medieval town with my brother on LAN (And it was deleted too by my small brother... He sometimes accidentally deletes some of my saves because he can't read properly yet)

I guess that's it.

Oh and since I'm under 18 here's my Skype: erikas-ir-andrius

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In game name:bluestripe57

Location in USA: Montana

Reason why you want to join: I am looking to get back into Minecraft, and this looks like a good server to do that on.

A little about your self:I am currently a senior in high school. After high school I am going to attend college to become an engineer. I hang out with some of my friends almost every night, currently we are playing a board game called Axis and Allies. I have also been playing Mnecraft off and on for about three years now.

Previous Servers:I have been a member of several servers, but the only ones I can remember are a Tekkit server called Modulated Dreams, and a heavily modded server called SweetCraft.

An Image of Previous Works: I have never had any screenshots of what I build because it is usually a pretty average looking cabin with a large underground structure beneath it.

my skype is bluestripe58

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Age: 13

IGN: LightShadowMC

Location in USA: Washington

Reason why you want to join: Because I like all these modpacks, and I'm really good.

A little bit about yourself: I like technology, and machines A LOT, and I also like a little adventuring.

Previous servers: I have been to: lots of vanilla servers, like Uberminecraft, HiveMC, and some others. I've been on Quantekk for Hexxit. But I haven't been to any Tekkit servers.

An Image of Previous Works: not sure what you mean, I have been to space legitly

Since I'm under 18, my Skype is, well I don't know what it is, but my email is [email protected], same for Skype.

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Age: 22

In game name: Nirnroots

Location in USA: Virginia

Reason why you want to join: I am looking for a peaceful server to start a small house and meet others in a tekkit community.

A little about your self: I am a girl and I am very sweet and enjoy meeting others and helping others. I love games. I love to joke around. I am online everyday because I stay at home to help my family.

Previous Servers: minervasrealm

An Image of Previous Works: Have not taken pictures of previous stuff.

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I am incredibly sorry for all the delayed responses, we've been considering moving to a Feed the Beast: Ultimate pack, and i think we've found out that it would be better for the over all longevity of the server. I am sorry if anyone was considering playing Tekkit any further. In light: Everyone who was currently on the server or has been waiting for an invitation will be accepted and added to the whitelist. I hope this is an acceptable change for many as many of the tekkit mods are actually in Feed the Beast, and much much more.


Clint "Vaisnt"

You can find the new FTB server here

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Age: 28

In game name: Sorkijan

Location in USA: Oklahoma

Reason why you want to join: Looking for a good server with competent staff and a good community. Just wanna build.

A little about your self: I've played Minecraft for 3.5 years, and Tekkit about the last 2 on and off. I'm always up for learning new things and decided to finally give thermal expansion a try. I'm a drama-free guy who loves building massive things.

Previous Servers: As far as tekkit goes, I've only really played on a friend's server that was very small.

An Image of Previous Works:

Vanilla MC: http://imgur.com/a/UGDRs#G6gri

Never really had any decent screenshots of our area, but here's 2 videos and 1 still from our tekkit server

You have been banned for insulting my intelligence. Have a nice day.

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Age: 19

In game name: NavyGuyPrice

Location in USA: south east

Reason why you want to join: looking to pick tekkit back up, a small server looked like a good place to do so.

A little about your self: not much to say, but talk with me and you will find out some stuff. :P

Previous Servers: been some time since I played.

An Image of Previous Works: no work to upload sorry

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Age: 13

IGN: TaodR

Location in USA: actually in canada, half hour drive to USA

Reason why you want to join: I prefer servers where random people dont come on in and take everything you own.

A little about yourself: I enjoy mods with a Technogical aspect to them, I am experienced in the mod mekanism and my goal one of these days I want to go the moon! (not in creative)

Previous Servers: none, im alone ):

Image of previous works: none, im not a builder.

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Age: 14
In game name: KNIFE4LIFE8
Location in USA: Alabama
Reason why you want to join: I would like to play with my friend JGStoneJr as he has taught me a lot about FTB.
A little about your self: I am looking forward to playing on a server. I am looking for a small, quiet server that I don't have to worry about greif or anything like that.
Previous Servers: CraftBlock, Admin on HungryCraft, ParadiseMC

An Image of Previous Works:I will send you some on Skype if you like...

Thanks for considering!

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Hi, my name is Aldriik711 and I'm 23.

I am located in Cocoa, FL

I am looking for a mature and stable environment to practice my tekkit skills.

I manage Dollar tree by day and play minecraft by night. that's me lol.

I played on Eureka(Vanilla Server) for 2 years or so, xylonia and just recently the Subrerocraft server which has been consistanly adding things to the banned list.

I don't have any images. I don't build ugly structures but I am more of an efficiency builder :P Grab me a giant cave and im great.

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