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[1.6.4][SMP][Forge] Mad Science - Machines, items, and mobs to create your own laboratory!


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What is Mad Science?
A modification for Minecraft created using Minecraft Forge and Universal Electricity. It adds machines, items, and mobs to create your own laboratory! Remember kids, science has no limits… and no bounds…


Our scientists have worked hard to bring you some of the finest equipment for genetic research Minecraft has to offer. These custom built machines fit into one of three separate categories. The categories represent the different stages of the game in which you will encounter them, and also will be expected to craft at that tier of the game.


Installation Instructions
Adding Mad Science to ’Feed the Beast’ mod-pack.
Adding Mad Science to ’Tekkit’ mod-pack.
Adding Forge to Unmodded Minecraft 1.6.4 on Windows

Video Overview

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I love what you have made here, Im really looking forward to give it a try. Sadly Im having troubles getting it to work. Keeps telling me I need the BasicComponents.jar, but it seems like that is now merged with Universal Electronic, yet having that installed doesnt help with the mod telling me the missing dependency basicsomponents isnt there. Is there anyways you could share that file together with your mod or even seperately?

Thanks again

*signature stolen by Signature Gnomes*

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The version of Basic Components we used to develop the mod with is Basic_Components_v1.0.0.19.jar. We have only tested UE itself up to UniversalElectricity_Core_v2.3.0.197. It does seem like UE is in the process of released 3.0 of his API which works with Minecraft 1.7x.

We are currently looking into this and will and update to latest version of the UE API!

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Tried to see if i could find the BC version you are refering to, after watching your video about the error, doesnt seem like they offer BC for download anymore, not quite sure how to tackle the error for now. But thanks for the quick respond.

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We have released Version 0.3! This is a major release with fixes to make the mod more compatible with others and work on dedicated servers!

  • Removed Basic Components completely.
  • Removed all Ore generation methods in favor of vanilla recipes.
  • Changed Thermosonic Bonder recipe to use vanilla items instead of Basic Component ones.
  • Finalized UE integration at until 3.x becomes more stable.
  • Updated HOWTO section on website accordingly to remove BC references.
  • Fixed problem with client rendering methods being called on dedicated server, this is fixed so Mad Science can run on single, client-server, or dedicated server!
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Version 0.4 is out and has a fix to make it more compatible with other mods!

  • Renamed 'LiquidDNA' and 'LiquidMutantDNA' internally to 'madDNA' and 'madMutantDNA' respectively. This is to fix compatibility problems with other mods. Looking at you Binnie.
  • Fixed bug with Meat Cube not visually showing in GUI how much liquid mutant DNA is inside of it even though it was working properly.
  • Cleaned up interaction with Liquid Registry in Forge. Any future compatibility problems can be sorted out via configuration files.

We have fixed an issue identified by ‘DrummingFish’ on the Minecraft Forum so a nice shout out to him for letting us know and giving us the crash log to fix it!

The problem was compatibility with other mods such as the popular Extra Bee’s made by Binnie. The DNA for his bees is respectively called ‘liquidDNA’ just as ours was. So rather than argue semantics we just added a ‘mad’ prefix to all our names which should prevent any conflicts in the future in the Forge Liquid Registry.

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Version 0.5 is out! With this latest version we had to address a problem with client-side only functions attempting to be called by the server.

  • Fixed problem pointed out by 'NABOSUECO98' where Thermosonic Bonder was not properly working on a dedicated server environment. Thank you for telling us so we could fix it!
  • Removed all other calls to scaling functions for textures that need it to be displayed on the server.
  • Groundwork laid for upgrading to UE 3.x when it becomes more widely adopted.
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Version 0.6 is out and fixes yet another major problem! Thanks to our players we have been able to quickly identify these issues and get them fixed. A big shout out to TheTechnician, DrummingFish and anicet74 for helping us fix this quicker rather than later!

Minecraft Compatibility: 1.6.4
Dependencies: Universal Electricity


  • Overhauled the mod config and corrected a major problem where changes to config files would be overwritten before they could be read!
  • Fixed a problem with the meatcube dividing by zero when randomly choosing a time to update it's animation. This time will now never be zero and any saved worlds with this value will auto-fix on load.
  • Added support for viewing Cryotube GUI from any of the 3 blocks that make up the total structure. Likewise if any of these 'ghost' blocks are broken the entire machine will give you the item as you would expect. You can only hook cables and wires up to the bottom block, this is by design.
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  • 2 weeks later...

Version 0.7 is out and we have a grocery list of changes for you! We have added a new machine the Data Reel Duplicator and also added nine (9) new mobs for you to experiment with. We would like to thank the users that submitted their ideas for some of the mobs in this upcoming version. As thanks to them we use the names they gave the creature and tried to re-create what they requested (within reason, some of you guys are crazy.. but we like crazy).

Here are their names and creatures for future reference:

  • Bart74
    • [Cow + Sheep] “Wooly cow”
  • Deuce_Loosely
    • [slime + Squid] “Shoggoth”
  • monodemono
    • [Enderman + Spider] “The Abomination”
  • Pyrobrine
    • [Enderman + Skeleton] “Wither Skeleton”
    • [Villager + Zombie] “Villager Zombie”
    • [Horse + Skeleton] “Skeleton Horse”
    • [Zombie + Horse] “Zombie horse”
  • TheTechnician
    • [Enderman + Squid] “Ender Squid”

Version 0.7

  • Interfaced with Not Enough Items (NEI) to hide Cryotube Ghost block since it was causing confusion for players when seeing them side-by-side in NEI item list. This block is only used in the multi-block structure that is the Cryotube and should only be spawned by code.
  • Updated GUI's for some of the machines to match the others in the mod by adding silhouettes of input items for container slots.
  • Added 'Data Reel Duplicator' a new machine that will allow you to create a copy of any data reel. It could be a genome data reel or a memory data reel so long as you have another empty data reel you can copy the information onto it without error. Requires only power and regents to function.
  • Fixed bug with icons for water still, water flowing, lava still, lava flowing and fire all being transparent. Bug was items rendering in the world but 2D item icons were transparent.
  • Renamed 'Example Mob' to Werewolf since he is wolf + villager and updated his sounds accordingly.
  • Added mob 'Creeper Cow' [Cow + Creeper] which will give you raw beef and gunpowder when killed and also mutant DNA when milked, however his explosion is 2x greater than that of a creeper due to his size.
  • Added mob 'Wooly Cow' [Cow + Sheep] suggested by Bart74. A cow with wool, like a sheep you can still get milk from it, but also wool and up to 5 pieces at a time!
  • Added mob 'Shoggoth' [slime + Squid] suggested by Deuce_Loosely. Looks like a big black slime with multiple eyes and tentacles sticking out of it. It acts like a regular slime except it can be fed slimeballs and regenerate back to it's original giant size. They are hostile to every mob except other shoggoths.
  • Added mob 'The Abomination' [Enderman + Spider] suggested by monodemono. Short like a squid, black like an enderman. This creature can randomly teleport when taking damage. It lays eggs inside victims bodies human or animal that turn into eggs which in turn spawn more of the creatures whenever a player gets near the eggs. They drop spider and enderman drops. Terminate with an extreme prejudice.
  • Abomination Eggs spawn source block of mutant DNA if you manage to destroy them before the egg hatches. Default hatching time is 5 minutes or 6,000 ticks.
  • Added ability to spawn unused Mojang mobs 'Wither Skeleton' [Enderman + Skeleton], 'Villager Zombie' [Villager + Zombie], 'Skeleton Horse' [Horse + Skeleton] and 'Zombie horse' [Zombie + Horse]. Suggested by Pyrobrine, what an awesome idea keep em' coming.
  • Added mob 'Ender Squid' suggestd by TheTechnician. Just an interesting twist on Enderman, immune to water damage, and have an extra set of limbs, and a purple/blue hue to them.
  • Renamed 'Human DNA' to 'Villager DNA' in accordance with the rest of Minecraft naming scheme.
  • Fixed a bug that would crash dedicated server when attempting to decay syringes and DNA samples. Side-effect of this is syringes and DNA samples now decay even in creative mode.
  • Updated sounds for disgusting meatcube.
  • Switched hosting providers from Hostgator to Linode for speed/caching purposes. Check them out yourself if you want a reliable and customizable server with SSH access.
  • Added section on site for compataibility with other mods, this way players can know ahead of time if they will have ID conflicts or other problems.
  • Added section on site for license information. Mad Science makes use of officially of the 'Minecraft Mod Public License' (same one used by Buildcraft).
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The latest version of Mad Science version 0.8 is out now! We are happy to report that things are going really well! We have sorted out all the problems with the mod now and are going to be included in the Voltz modpack! This is a really awesome thing and has all of us who work on it very excited. Mad Science is also now featured on the Universal Electricity website along with the other popular mods that make use of the UE API.

  • Upgraded Universal Electricity API to latest recommended, version UE is now a dependency and required to run Mad Science.
  • Now a featured mod on http://universalelectricity.com/ (w00t!)
  • Added options to config: Tweak individual machine energy usage for consumption, production and total internal storage defaults.
  • Added options to config: Disable syringe/DNA sample decay feature if desired.
  • Added options to config: Adjust decay rate of syringes and DNA samples in seconds.
  • Added options to config: Adjust cook time for mainframe computer processing time to create new life forms. By default they are all 2600 ticks (approx 2 minutes).
  • Filled syringes and DNA samples will not decay in cold environments such as snow biomes where temperature is low.
  • Adjusted default decay time for filled syringes and DNA samples to be 30 seconds.
  • Cryotube now turns off and resets if rotten flesh count reaches 64 in internal output slot for it.
  • Cryotube now has new sound for when it is turned off.
  • Cyrotube dead animation is now only played when rotten flesh output slot is full and redstone power is still applied.
  • Cryotube sounds for hatching and growing villagers in the tube reduced by 90%.
  • Updated Cryotube GUI to show icons in output slots for items that will occupy those slots.
  • Cryotube on state now correctly shows when redstone signal on and no nether star or villager spawn eggs or data reels.
  • Increased Cryotube hatching time by double the previous amount.
  • Updated sounds for syringes when stabbing mobs or yourself.
  • Breaking disgusting meat cube will now reward you with a single bone rather than a full meat cube for you to place back down.
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We have sorted out all the problems with the mod now and are going to be included in the Voltz modpack! This is a really awesome thing and has all of us who work on it very excited. Mad Science is also now featured on the Universal Electricity website along with the other popular mods that make use of the UE API.

Congratulations. :)

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Quick fix! Version 0.81 - Fixes crash on dedicated server with syringes decay. (jeez these biome query functions are very fickle!). Removed feature that checks to see if needle is in cold biome until reliable server-only method can be written. Sorry about that everybody, our bad!

@Neowulf: Thank you very much :>

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  • 3 weeks later...
NOTE: Remember to delete your configuration file madscience.cfg and let it regenerate if you have previously installed the mod and are upgrading!
Grab the latest version 0.9 of Mad Science! We have a new machine which acts like a quarry called a soniclocator, a new mob which is used in it's creation, several optimizations and improvements to help make the move to 1.7x more painless and more awesome features for you guys like autoID resolving now and localization support.
IMPORTANT: You must be using Universal Electricity 3.1.+ or higher due to recent API changes. If you don't Mad Science will crash when placing tile entities!
  • Updated to UE 3.1.0
  • Removed UE as hard dep.
  • Added Soniclocator device.
  • Added auto ID resolver that will pick next available block or item ID automatically for you if there are conflicts.
  • Added Techne model loader for loading models directly from file rather than .java model format.
  • Refactored Components into individual items instead of metaitems in preparation for 1.7.
  • Added recipe for Thumper device used in crafting Soniclocator.
  • Added Enderslime mob which drops Enderslime item.
  • Merged AI of Enderman and Slime together for Enderslime and made him drop Enderslime items on death.
  • Added Enderslime block which is crafted from Enderslime items dropped from mob of the same name (can you see a theme here?)
  • Cleaned up Cryotube code and removed unused imports.
  • Added PACKETSEND_RADIUS to configuration files. Default is 25 blocks.
  • Added THERMOSONICBONDER_FINALSACRIFICE configuration option. Controls what block is used in that devices recipe.
  • Added config options for disabling Abomination teleporting and egg laying.
  • Use of reflection to hide items in NEI now rather than manual hook and dependancy.
  • Updated build scripts to remove dependancies on CCC and NEI.
  • Added localization support for Slovenien. Thank you codebracker0! 
  • Revised versioning scheme to match pre-jenkins build numbers.
  • Updated to Gradle build scripts which is Forge default now.
  • Updated jenkins links in repo.
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We got the hot-fix ready and present Mad Science 0.91 for download! No major changes just adding German language localization provided by a user and fixing an embarrassing spelling mistake in the English one (Crogenic Freezer vs Cryogenic Freezer). Happy gaming and see you in a week or so with another update  :parrot:
  • Fixed spelling mistake in English localization file. Thank you Vexatos!
  • Added German localization support. Vexatos owed beer status += 1;
  • Fixed argument out of bounds exception with Ender Squid. Thanks Kyotra!
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Version bump to Mad Science 0.91.88 this fixes a crash reported on dedicated server and also adds tooltips for all items and machines in the mod, even the GUI's now have tooltips to indicate input slots and how much energy or fluid or whatever is currently inside of them. Anyway, back to work!
  • Added dynamically generated tooltips for combined genomes and spawn eggs which show base mob combinations.
  • Added flavor text to each tile entity.
  • Added tooltips to localization files and filled out all default English entries.
  • Added hatching, subject  neural and health tooltips to Cryotube GUI.
  • Removed individual output slot classes and made them cpw SlotFurnace classes instead.
  • Fixed 'NoClassDefFoundError' on dedicated server when running minetweaker mod.
@Torezu: Will fix the post, not sure what happened to it... sorry about that.
@Lethosos: You can however drain power from villagers memories, spelling mistake is fixed in latest version. Har har.
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Got a new update and also big version bump~ we are happy to announce we have hit version 1.00.97! This is the version that will be going in the updated Voltz modpack for 1.6.4 when that hits in the coming days so we are all very excited about that. We would have added more mobs but for stability decided against it.
  • Updated build properties to 1.0 final for Voltz modpack.
  • Added help system with pi symbol in upper right corner of every machine with GUI, clicking will open wiki link in default browser (totally not a reference to The Net).
  • Fixed invalid characters that make Minecraft use smaller font in English language file.
  • Added update checker that tells you how many builds behind you are, can be disabled.
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