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[1.0.2]RastaEmpire Attack Of The B Team![PvP][194 slots][Factions!][Duping Is Allowed]-Lets go to th

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Our Spawn!



About RastaEmpire:

A Europe Attack Of The B team server running since Release. We are running a fully dedicated server, a 12 core CPU and lots of RAM. The server is optimized to make a full use of all the 12 cores, this means we run 20 ticks at most of the time.

The server is running a great up-time because we have crash detectors who restart the server instantly after a crash.


No MapResets

No Lag, we run 20 ticks.

Great Staff, we choose the best players for our staff!


Griefing allowed.

Raiding Allowed.

Creative Plot World

Mini Games!

Minions Are Allowed!

Come and play the modpack the way it was meant!

We are 24/7

And More Please Join Us and have fun!


Website: http://rastaempire.enjin.com/home

We run on creeperhosts stable servers!

We do almost always have staff on

Banned Items :

Who needs banned items? Not ous :)

Server IP: bteam.rastaempire.co.vu

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I must say, that as a server owner myself, I found Rasta Empire to be a pretty decent server to play on. It has small bits of lag, but the staff more than makes up for it. They try very hard to make sure they can help anyone who needs it. This is a very friendly server, I'm sure that once it gets it's temporary issues resolved, this will be an Outstanding server.

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Servers back up! More DDOSING protection installed

hello i have a questrion for you, my server is also getting hit by ddos, but i am having an issue with my server and mcpc and morph could you please tell me what version you are using? i run a very small server pleaseee help

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