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Include Optifine as Default


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Hey, this is a simple suggestion right here.

What about including Optifine by default in the Hexxit mod-pack is a very heavy pack in a version of Minecraft that works like a pile of garbage with the "new" lighting system made by the guy who doesn't now how to make things in java notch.

So yeah, if you install optifine it kinda "works" for a little more, until you get the memory sucking your ram and againg the same problems, but it lets you taste the game for a while.


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My point is, Optifine is a bad idea because it is helps only for some people- on a case-by-case basis. On my computer Optifine isn't worth the disk space it takes up on my particular machine. This is the case reguardless of Minecraft version.

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the problem with optifine is that it's very hit or miss depending on your system setup.  some configurations see huge FPS gains, some see massive drops.  because it's such a crapshoot in terms of benefits, it isn't included by default since removing it is far more difficult than installing it is (assuming 1.5.x versions that go in the jar)

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