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[Contest][$50 USD] Find the biggest Thread Necro.


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We all find ourselves facepalming when some forum noobie necros a dead thread or long dead server back to page 1 on the forums. However, I've wondering, and I bet you've wondered at least one time or another, what is the biggest necro that has ever happened (Length of time wise, not post count wise)? Let's have a Contest and see if we can't have someone find out the answer!


I will be awarding $50 USD (via paypal) to whoever finds this mega necro. Contest ends 2/28/2014 @ Noon (GMT-5).





Your own necros do not count.

Necros by forum admins do not count.

Necros that happen after this topic was first posted do not count.





Q: What is a "necro"?

A: Wikitionary can help you with that one: http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/thread_necromancy





1st Place: $50 USD

2nd Place: $5 USD





If you find a necro that isn't the longest but is still funny feel free to post it for everyone to facepalm at.

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Wait, do I win? Is this still a thing?


(I mean, it's fine if you changed your mind, I wouldn't want to send 50$ to some random dude on the internet either. :P)


I'll send you the $50 when I cash my checks tomorrow. I forgot to go to the bank on Friday.

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