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20 Minute Start Contest


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Hey guys I got a contest here to help put some (more) excitment into your Hexxit gameplay.

So the Idea is, you get 1 minecraft day (20min) to equip yourself for a raid on a dungeon. This dungeon will be any snow castle you find, though they do vary in dificulty. You are welcome to try other dungeons, as long as you specify that in your results.

Any and all items are allowed in this contest. But of course you may not use NEI to spawn them. What you can use it for however, is accesing creative mode in order to find a snow castle. Youre score is based on how many kills you get. In order to compete, post this, along with your equipment, best loot found, and tips and tricks you discovered in comments.

Creativity is advised!

Using Items like punji sticks or craftable enchants make gameplay easier and more interesting. There are many roads you can take to outfit yourself the best, from sprinting to a village amd murdering the butcher to steal his wares, to raping with a rapier, to raiding other dungeons before you even have to take on the snow castle. Of course you could always go ham, and run into the dungeon screaming incohherently and punching out walkers left and right. Important: You may not use the loot you find in the dungeon, only the items you start with. One exception to this is you can use a new weapon if youre surrent one breaks.


And if any of you look at this and think peice of cake, give yourself 10 minutes and attack the big pirate ship. :hellyeah::holymoley:

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I personaly secured 23 kills with a iron sharp 3 sword, and a bone rapier I made last second. I had to wall myself in once, but later fell victim to a combination of falling off a smal cliff, 4 archers, and a waterfall. The contest was alot more fun than I expected this to be, more fun than all my normal starts. I found a gilded diamond sheild with blast prot 3 and fire resistance 1. When I do it again, Ill get a bow, and a better rapier if possible. I also think punji sticks might be pretty fun to expiriment with. I died wearing my iron chestplate, and leather boots and leggings. I would strongly recommend bringing some kind of ranged weapon, anything to be able to pick off those pesky archers.

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