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Redstone Flux??


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So here is my problem, how do we start making a redstone flux system?


You cant make Redstone conduits since you need a pulverizer, and that pulverizer need RF which you cant make since you dont have conduits to transport the energy to a cell/machine


I need help with this as the modpack doesnt have other conductive pipes or wires!!!


You cant make pretty much anything since most of the Thermal expansions items are made with dusts which can only be obtained from a pulverizer!


I'm reaching out to you guys because i can't find any solution to this.




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This may be a stupid question, but did you actually put any fuels in the dynamo?


Nevermind it. Also, in the future I would recommend editing your posts instead of double-posting.


Double-posting is generally frowned upon.

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To produce energy you need a dynamo (choose the one most appropriate to the fuels you have access to) ... set it up and stuff the fuel into it.

Now run conduits to the machine in question. Optionally you can put an energy cell in between to store any excess energy there.

While most machines do not really from which end the energy is coming ... some actually do like the galacticraft machines. You have to run the energy conduit into the correct side of the machine.


As for the conduits .... most of the time normal leadstone conduits will be more then enough. They transport the exact amount that a dynamo generates (which in fact is side sensitive ... try attaching the conduit at the top) which is 80RF. In later stages you might have more machines hanging on one conduit consuming more then these. In that case you will need an energy cell able to give the amount of energy needed (or closest to that) and redstone conduits to transport it and to have the system at maximum efficiency.
If you do not use the appropriate conduits and energy cells, or simply overload the conduit by hanging more machines then the conduit can sustain, the machines will work slower and less effcient, since they have to share the Rastafarians that are distributed over the conduit.

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Maybe I am missing something but the conduits have been taken out of thermal expansion - how can I transfer and store RF between dynamos and machines now? I do not want to make a dynamo for each machine


Thermal Expansion 4 does not contain conduits.  Thermal Dynamics, which is a separate mod, is not out of development yet, but will have them.  In the meantime, EnderIO has a pretty nice set of conduits, and Mekanism also contains RF transfer cables (universal cable of various grades) as well as Energy Cubes for storage.  EnderIO also has storage, but they're not very efficient.  Of course, TE4 does have Energy Cells still.


Now, if this question were actually about AotBT, you wouldn't have either of those mods.  Of course, you also would still have TE3, which has conduits.  So, next time put the question in a different spot.

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