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Item Tesseract


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ok tried them pipes "itemducts"  it wont load it from the quarry to the tess.  I have it set to send items to one set to receive items all on the came channel.  The pipe wont connect to the quarry....I'm so confused!!!!  I liked the old way.



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Tesseracts can only output into an inventory, thus will not allow items to be input unless the recieving end has an inventory connected to it.  Item ducts count as an inventory for item transfering.  But easiest way is to have a chest next to your recieving end tesseract for items.  Then just pump out of the chest using itemducts or BC pipes.


If you have your recieving end tesseract hooked up to a chest, you can simply place the sending end tesseract next to or on top of your quarry to recieve items.  Then just connect power from the tesseract too the quarry via two conduits.  It's a little more complex then it used to be, but not by much.


Output end suggestion; make a laser and an assembly table and make yourself an autarchic gate to pull the items out of your recieving end chest.  The autarchic gate can easily keep up with the output from the quarry.  Otherwise, if using itemducts, just using a redstone signal or a pneumatic servo will allow it to keep up fairly easily, but you'll want to upgrade your recieving end chest to at least an iron chest to allow for the different types of items being input.

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Or you're not using the itemducts correctly. First of all: Only itemducts will connect properly to the Tesseract BUT itemducts don't connect to the Quarry! You'll need to either put regular Buildcraft pipes on the Quarry and run them to an inventory item (i.e. a chest) or just stick a chest directly on top of the Quarry. Attach the itemducts between the chest and the tesseract. After putting down the itemducts you have to whack the end attached to the source (the end next to the chest) with a crescent hammer (that connection should turn red). Then you have to supply a redstone signal (i.e. redstone torch) to the itemduct before stuff will start to move. Here's a shot of what mine looks like:




As you can see my system has BC pipes leading from the Quarry to a Diamond Pipe that splits useless stuff off to a voidpipe. The rest goes to a chest where it is sucked up by the itemducts and sent to the tesseract.

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Why build a chest bridge instead of just put the tesserect ontop of the quarry or ontop of the bc pipe?

You can still have itemducs on the other tesseract.

As I said earlier in the thread, BC pipes don't connect directly to the tesseract anymore. According to jakalth (above) if the receiving tesseract is outputting directly to a chest (or anything with an inventory) then you can put the sending tesseract on top of the quarry, but then you just have to have the diamond pipe/void pipe setup inside your base taking up space so I haven't tried his suggestion. I suppose once I get an Applied Energistics setup going that I'll be able to cut out the pipes and just store everything until it can be processed.

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