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Current configuration file for chisel mod prevents vanilla chiselled blocks being used with microblocks


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So I was trying to make microblocks out of some chiselled cobblestone, but even after adding the IDs such as '4:5' to the microblocks config file I wasn't able to get it to work.


So after taking a look at another mod pack that allows microblocks to be made out of these chiselled blocks it seems like the problem it caused by two config options in the "chisel.cfg" file about overriding vanilla blocks.


So in the chisel.cfg I changed the options:

"disable overriding blocks" to true

"override vanilla blocks" to false


Then added the new block ids to the microblocks.cfg file and now I can make microblocks out of these blocks.


The one downside to this, is that it changed all my vanilla chiselled blocks, (such as stone, cobble, iron blocks, etc), to the non chiselled variant, but I would rather be able to make microblocks out of these blocks in my world and just replace the blocks I already placed.


Heres my new config files:








Just thought I would put this here in case anyone else is having a similar problem. Maybe the pack could even be updated to include it, but as I said it will break some of the chiselled blocks that have already been placed.

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