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World Anchor Troubles?


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Tekkit Classic Version: 3.1.3

(sorry if its in the wrong forum section)


Recently in my Singleplayer tekkit world whenever I enter my world my game crashes/freezes when I enter the same chunk as a World anchor. I only started to do this when I left the nether (which has its own world anchor) and then went to the overworld which then crashed. Ever since then I can't enter a chunk with a world anchor. Is it possible to remove it?



It will produce this error over and over and over.


Error log:







"[WARNING] [Railcraft] Error loading Railcraft Save Data: Not in GZIP format"

I've googled how to fix this and it said to delete the railcraft.dat but it didn't work.



I've tried reinstalling the mod pack.

Is it possible to save my world from going into the trash?





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