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Attack on the B Team Server 8 Slots WhiteListed 15+


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IGN: ElderBow

Age Bracket: 15-20


Why this server?: I need a small server to play on, to actually get to know people. I'm sick of huge servers. Everyone here seems cool. I've pretty much quit vanilla minecraft to play this pack, I'm definitely hooked. I'm looking for a mature server to fully experience this pack with. SSP can get lonely after awhile. 

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My IGN is cielly - short and sweet! Age bracket 15-20. My timezone is EST, from beautiful New Jersey (haha not). I'd like to join this server because I'm absolutely addicted to this modpack thanks to Chim, Genny, and Bdubs. While my single player endeavors are fun, I think a server is needed for the full experience. Your server seems well-kept and mature, which is a definite plus. All in all, I'm just looking for a cool place to actually enjoy the game and work alongside other talented players, which your server seems to provide. Thanks for the consideration! 

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IGN: CheekyDoggy


Age: 16


TZ: Central Time Zone


Why this server?: Because Singleplayer gets boring over time and I would like to interact with other people play pranks and not get griefed all the time. 



                  Thank you for taking your time to read this application, I would love to be apart of this small and friendly server! :) Thank you!

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IGN: Pride617

Age: 17

TZ: Mountain Time Zone

Why this server?: I would like to play on this server, because I would like to be part of a server with Mature players on it. I am tired of being griefed all the time. I would also like to be a part of a smaller server so I can get to know the people I am playing with and I don't like people who spam the chat.

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Ign: eladd

age: 16

TZ: Central Standard Time

Why this server? looking for a place to build a map[also i want to build Projects] i know this is a survival server :( BUT i will pay for the server for op, i know i know... the rules say no asking for OP but ill pay for it IN REAL LIFE DOLLARS


QUESTION: can i build a modern warfare map in a world for people who would like to build their own maps for modern warfare[flans mod] i'm ok if i don't HAVE to but ill pay for the world

[how much does a world cost? REAL LIFE MONEY!! $10,$5,$0.50,$0.10,Free? cause i really need one BADLY like A IMPOSABLE BADLY!!! dont go overboard with the money ok]

I WILL DO ANYTHING FOR OP[except killing myself which i wont do] im bad at spelling ok but i can build AMAZING MAPS :D

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IGN: D4rkSw4rm_5457

Age Bracket: 15-20

TZ: Central Time Zone (US)

Why This Server?: I want a great attack of the bteam server that I can play with friends actively and have a great experience doing so. I love a non grief server where everyone respects others. Every once and a while I love helping others with what they need assisted on (whether it's a mod, building, etc.). I'm very active and love helping others. I would be greatly appreciated to be accepted into this server. Thank You. Also I'd love to be introduced to all of you to get to know one another.

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