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You dont have enough memory allocated to the launcher to run this mod pack.

Do you know how much RAM your computer has? If you only have like 2GB system wide, then likely you wont be able to run this pack at a decent rate.

You should try increasing it by clicking the cog in the top right corner of the launcher, however I see you are running 32 bit windows so I think you can only go upto 1.5G.

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oh yea what is the best amount 4 it im going to try 2 gb but if that not work ill try 3 gb (highest)


2 Gigs works for me.


hey i moved it up to 3 gigs and it still crashes


post the log, as I said you're on 32bit windows, so you might not be able to go higher than 1.5GB.

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Can anyone help me? On Attack of the B-Team I can only get to the mojang logo, then it just crashes. One day ago it was fine. I'm running a 64 bit system and I'm giving it 7 gbs :P

Post bug reports in Bug Reports.


and don't give minecraft such a ridiculous high RAM usage, it can't handle it and crashes. Only give it something between 2-3 gig.

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