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forgot to say something i am really hoping you will white list me and my freind because we have been looking for a good attack of the b-team server for weeks we found one but it had a lot of lag and crashed often so really hope you add me and Mrgabex5 to your server we will follow all of your rules on your server.

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  • MC Name: xKryet
  • Age: 20
  • I am just looking for a fun server to play on. Playing solo it's really all that fun after awhile


Added, have fun.


Hello, my ign is JOEL150.

My age is 17

Me and my friend would love to play this server

I added you but your friend has to be added as well.

You did not give me your friends name (unless he applied below)


MC Name:DanSt3fan

Age: 14

Hope to be accepted fast!Want to play some AOTBT.

Added, enjoy.



  • MC Name: AgressiveIn
  • Age: 27

Looking for a good friendly small community. 


Added, enjoy.



  • MC Name: Matei9721
  • Age: 16
  • looking for a community


Added, enjoy.

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