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I've been wondering the same thing lately. It's really got a lot of excellent machines that add possibilities.

Examples including:

higher tier ore multiplication

a lovely machine that generates power AND oxygen for your space travel needs,

and for added fun, a movable teleport point, rather than a static coordinate.

If you think that's not very useful, try boarding an air ship from the ground without flight. Perhaps it's bad planning to get locked out of your air ship, but having the option to beam back up with your portable teleporter is always nice.


I don't see much reason for the mod to be excluded, but maybe I'm just missing something. I suppose many of it's features are covered already, but it's unique features stand out enough for me to bare a little redundancy.

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Mekanism has always had a hit and miss like/hate problem with Tekkit.  Some of the stuff is cool, other stuff is redundant, while the rest is just silly(both good and bad).  It's had bouts of instability and has been in and out of the pack several times.  So to be honest, I don't really know if it will ever be back in this version of Tekkit.


But you could always try adding it in to your game yourself for playing single player.

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I add it if only for factories, being able to hook 3 pulverizers up to one smelting factory and have that shit output super fast is really nice, i dont even worry about the x3 or w/e ore output (tons of work to automate and kinda slow compared to jsut doubling which is already really strong when you can mystcraft an age with spheres of resources). its neat, and like te3 its easy to configure to be compatible with item control mods like te3 extra utils and AE.

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I've added it to my custom pack, but the recommended version had a memory leak. It's still a cool mod, even though I dislike free energy solutions with low maintenance, like the windmills and solar panels.

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