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Trainstation with Tekkit 1.27b


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i played tekkit now for a while and with new version based on 1.64 me and my friends startet a new world.


Now i have a problem. Ich want to create a automatic subway and train station...


in vanilla mc alpha and beta times i did it with minecartmania for example..


i dont know how to do it now. With MCPC+ in 1.64 version i cant get Minecart Mania reloaded or Traincarts working.


Minecartmania reloaded: things like chest spawner and compass is working but everything with blocks or signs dosnt and log i spamt with error regarding create entiti.


Traincarts: seems fine. I can create stations and spawn trains, but they dosnt move. Single placed cards dosnt move too.

I see no error in log and i use the 1.62 traincart version with bklibs for 1.64.



someone has a proper layout or mod that is serverside only. I dont want to force all players to install mods by hand.






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Steve's carts alone can make a fully powered rail station.  But they will be slower then venilla minecarts on powered rails, at full speed.  They do have a few little bugs as well.  Mostly dealing with rendering and how the player sits in the cart.


Cart hull + seat + adv control + adv solar engine or coal engine(only a few engines will work without using the same spot as the seat and adv controls).  lets you control the speed and direction of the cart while also riding inside it.  It can change which rail it is riding on, but this only seems to work with railcraft tracks...

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I guess I should have clarified, with railcraft you can do things like sell tickets to different stations for the full subway/rail experience. just depends how much you want to get into it, but steves carts alone will do it

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