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MFR harvester on drugs ?


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So we had some weird looking crashes lately caused by the MFR harvesters, harvesting. Dunno whats gone into them. But other found that even without range upgrade this kinda just harvester all tree they can find.


We have had like 25 ish or more chuncks behind a harvester cleared for wood, and the harvester had a x7 upgrade in it. So idk whats going on, but they are going kinda mad.

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-Make flat world in single player

-Grow one chunk worth of trees

-Grow trees randomly in surrounding chunks, don't let trees in these chunks touch the trees in the chunk that you're harvesting.

-Set up harvester to harvest them

-if everything gets harvested, mfr is broken, if only the isolated chunk is harvested, it was because trees weren't touching.

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