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[Whitelisted] Oodland! A small 18 slot server.

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Welcome to OODLAND! Please, apply at oodland.proboards.com from now on. I appreciate it!


Hello again! It seems I made some mistakes here on my last post and it got deleted. I hope I can do better this time around. Ok, here goes:


I've started a small 18 slot Attack of the B Team server. It is a WHITELISTED server. The reasons for this is that it is a completely "vanilla" server in that there are no protections set up. PvP is on by default and fire will spread. TnT works. Minions can be summoned (max 2). I want mature, honest folks to join. I will not regulate language (obviously no hate speech of any kind) so this server is suitable for adults only most likely. If you don't like sailor talk, do not visit us :)


I welcome you to apply! All I ask is 1 question: What's your ign? I kinda need it to whitelist ya ;) I trust that most people can decide for themselves if they can handle a boring ol survival server with few people to interact with. The ip is oodland.mymc.io   But you can't access until you apply here and get whitelisted OR you can go over to oodland.proboards.com and apply there. 


See you soon!



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My sister and I have been looking for an AOBT server to build on and maybe do some recording in. She's 21 and I'm 27 so maturity really shouldn't be an issue on our part. It would be really cool if you could whitelist us.


IGN: DJ_Locks


IGN: babyblue1717

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