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Which Mobs would you like to see?


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Just out of pure interest what mobs would everyone like to see added?

I would quite like to see colonies of Silverfish as a threat, similar to a dungeon, but with the Silverfish actively deforesting (and removing planks and bookcases) from their area, and making a paper/wood nest.

It'd be great to see an actively defended dungeon, which may only be level 3 or 4 but require a much higher level to properly conquer.

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Something I've always wanted to see in minecraft would be the Creepop, baby creepers with better design than "scale=-50% creeper model" like below (and its adorable!!!).

[img width=500]

I know underwater mobs and dungeons have already been discussed so i won't comment on that. But I've always wanted to see more passive or passive/aggressive mobs in minecraft. Creepop's (as my example) would be adorable and react to being attacked by turning a little frown and blowing up, maybe even with a loud "pop" when it explodes instead of the normal TNT noise. Flighted birds of some kind would be fun to hunt down for feathers (in turn for arrows, which reminds me, gravel doesn't seem to drop flint anymore, bug or feature?) .

Also i know Frizzle said he wanted more depth to mobs than "Dire this" and "Dire that" but i think its acceptable to have such as long as you put a little design into it and make it semi-reasonable that the mob is there, Dire pigs (boars?) are fine as long as you can tell the difference between it and a normal pig (tusks? I'd like that), anybody agree with me on that?.

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A lot of mobs suggested here and I think those are a lot of work, maybe not the creepop or creepig or any of the creeper variants but adding additional villages erquires add spawning codes for their villages I mean, elves would obviously have to live in the rainforests, dwarves would have to live underground, and hobb... oh I mean halflings in the plains, you get it? And I mean I think the villages are being changed in a future version to accomidate shopping and such so we'll see I guess.

But the mobs I think the should be added are more of the flying variety such as bats, floating eyes, vultures, that sort of stuff. Most other things can be put on the back burner. (cept maybe water mobs cause the ocean areas are just empty compared to everywhere else.)

Oh and before I forget I think there should be different element oriented wizards, kinda like how the slimes are indexed by color there should be a couple of different wizards with different spells/ resistances.

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Here are some Ideas

Ground Monsters

witch , Remorhaz , Thri-Kreen , Ankheg , Yuan-ti , Behir , Werebear , boar , Goblin , Troll ,

Ettin , Ogre , Vampire , Ghost , Lich , Mummy , Centaur , Cyclops , Minotaur

Flying Monsters

Griffon , Chimera , Manticore , Yrthak , Harpy , Gargoyle

Hopefully you like 2 :D

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perhaps some terraria equivalent mobs, don't have to rip them straight from the game but the mechanics of the npc's on that game would work quite well with minecraft (this mod in particular) me thinks.

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