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Protection Against Meteors


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atomic science electromagnets, not pretty but work


never used the atomic science electromagnets so i dunno what they do xD and as for the modular forcefield the setup is different than the one from tekkit classic so i would have to learn it first. How would you go about setting up the electromagnets though in order to keep off the meteors?

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I'm pretty sure MFFS will do the job, its expensive and costly in power but as long as you have the infrastructure to support it, it should be more than effective. I used to contain reactor meltdowns using MFFS, I'm pretty sure a meteor has nothing on a ground zero containment.

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Isn't there some kind of reinforced block in the GC mod?


Do Meteors break Obsidian?


Also with Project Red, we've got Basalt again, its pretty durable and far easier to get ahold of (without going into EE3 of course)...it might be able to withstand a meteor...something definitely to test for sure.

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