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Help with Steam Turbine


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Hey all,


I am new here - since some time I play already ATB.

But now I have an issue with power. I did the same like GennyB did with the Steam Turbine... 


I took an Aqueous Accumulator and set a Steam Turbine on the top. The Accumulator gets the water but the Steam Turbine does not do anything....


Has anyone the same issue?




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try to set them appart to better isolate the problem.

Set Acqueous Acu around water  and see if it works, then get some liquid pipes run it to simple tank (or portable), see if it fills, then from tank going downhill pipe it to the steam dyn.


If it didnt work, just use the crescent wrench and make sure liquid is flowing the right way. I am assuming you got some source of fuel on your steam dyn.


Good luck! im no expert but I got like 20 steam engine set up in different places in my single player world.

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how does the steam turbine work?  are you supposed to feed it water or are you supposed to be feeding it steam?

You might think it's supposed to get steam, but it does in fact work with water.  Pretty well, too.  Around 80 rf/t with a steady supply.


I wonder if it outputs more if you feed it steam...


Here's an idea:  Try putting the pipe in the side.  You put it in the bottom and it isn't working, and I put it in the side and it is working.

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Start from scratch, put the accumulator back down with two blocks of water on either side then right click it and make sure water is flowing in. Then place the steam turbine right on top of the accumulator.  Right click the turbine to make sure it's generating power.  You shouldn't need to mess with any pipes to get it to work.

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Did it the same as you said 


First I made the accumulator:




Then I check if the water is inside:




Then I placed the steam turbine on top:




then right click if power comes:





and nothing no power still - I have the latest update... I feel kind of stupid that it works with all your builds but not mine

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