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Unable to Open AOTBT on Mac since 1.0.9c update


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Hi everyone.


I've been running the Attack of the B-Team mod on my mac through the technic launcher and suddenly it just won't open anymore.


The launcher opens fine but Attack of the B team just won't open at all. No error message or warning, nothing.


It's done this since the update to 1.0.9c. Before it worked perfectly fine and I've tried the following:


  • Rolling back to earlier version
  • Using newer version
  • Complete deletion and reinstall
  • Trying other mod packs from the launcher
  • Checking Vanilla Minecraft works fine
  • Making sure I've had no java or computer updates

Before the update it was perfectly fine and running excellently. No problems at all and the launcher still works fine. So I'm completely stumped.  Any ideas?



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Chances are that because you are on a Mac you have a java version that dropped support. Current 1.0.9c requires java 1.7 which is fairly recent. Most OS have java 1.6. I am not familiar with Mac enough to know for certain that this is your issue but as you can possibly see just by glancing at the first page if this board many people are having the problem. There is a post somewhere here that addresses this for Mac and requires forcing an install of java 1.7. Some said it works. I can't find the thread right now but doing a quick search of the boards should reveal it for you should You decide on that route.

As I said I am only speculating this because nothing is certain without a crash report. But I have seen many many many reports with Mac similar to this and they are all generally the same thing.

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Thanks HalestromXV. This seems to have worked. I did have the most recent Java but I reinstalled it and it appears to have worked.


I honestly had no idea this was a java problem as I didn't even have a crash report or anything so very confusing.


Thanks again!

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