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| 1.2.8e | Aeonia Technically | PvE Survival | No Whitelist | Grief Prevention | No Items Banned | Quadruple Ore and more.


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No whitelist, stable, competant staff, 24/7.



Connect to:  AeonianRealms.com


What makes us different!

We have a number of features that makes us very different from every other server out there.

  • Quadruple all ore. You've done vanilla, why repeat it.
  • All power gen is cranked up exactly 50% more.
  • ModularForceFields cost 50% less power.
  • No more poop/sludge lakes clogging up your quarries.
  • No more Galacticraft Oil undergroung clogging quarries.
  • You can fly with /fly.
  • Spaceships won't explode.
  • Oxygen collectors don't destroy leaves.
  • Suffocation damage decreased. You die, but not as fast.
  • Dimensional rifts don't spread and don't cause block damage.
  • Monoliths in Limbo disable. You can live there if you want.
  • Conveyor belts don't grab players.
  • Bonemeal is allowed in MFR fertilizers.
  • Road blocks aren't slippery.
  • No banned items functionality. dimensional anchors are blocked, but you can use a chunkloader instead.
  • DimDoors recently removed due to it causing server crashes. We'll add it back if bugs are fixed.

Here's a list of the relevant plugins we use.

  • Grief Prevention - impossible to grief.
  • McMMO - Level up your skills or ignore it and get extra stuff.

If there is anything at all that you think we should add/change, do not hesitate for a moment to let us know.


1) Don't ruin anyone else's fun.
2) Show respect to staff.

That's it.



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Today is our Official Grand Opening.

All the little quirks and kinks have been worked out thanks to all the beta testers:

  • bczink
  • turnerlewis
  • daniel52113
  • Rexdaraptor
  • DylanOfTheCraft
  • APACHE_K94
  • WolfSaurus
  • JacktheFlying
  • adamantrune
  • NightFire666
  • rubenx360
  • Menchy555
  • Jknixx
  • Jack91198
  • Mmeesayshi
  • rpayne123
  • bastrian
  • aaronplayseve
  • Driv3rino
  • tristatus
  • Errafu
  • vesicavinco
  • Sillyblaster
  • TheDarkArcher123
  • MrSlimer57
  • BrownsKickButt
  • kickbutt4
  • xX646Xx
  • EldRoos
  • darklex
  • spider323d
  • WeepingAngels19
  • klafkalasch
  • Prince_Redd
  • darkwarbomber
  • AndrewAR64
  • Aldriik711
  • mordemer
  • Cooncube
  • bobbie_rotkop
  • redwhat1234
  • antino13
  • rileyj1754
  • mnaz
  • xTinus
  • Seth008
  • ShinxSundae
  • squawkzulu17
  • MyLampShade
  • Alcatsa
  • veth9000
  • reaper0001
  • Reznoriam
  • WarReaperXIII
  • Sparky_Aftermath
  • Billlphilll
  • BiteMe169
  • Matthew8376
  • mason_adsero
  • Shadowslegion
  • Jojohawk14
  • HeroGabe
  • willbeck328
  • Rew8376
  • ulrich1234
  • Sudeva
  • ImRizzah
  • las71294
  • iCleeem
  • cocobanana123
  • Gblockmaster
  • firefighter5650
  • EphemeralPleasur
  • nathanbuddymine
  • PixelatedStone
  • Teneight95
  • EnjaThanous
  • woopie123232
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Well, I did help build his mobtrap, but he gave me trust to his claim, otherwise I couldn't have built it.

I'll PM Pious, btw if his base did get griefed afterwards I'll bet he knew I'd help him rebuild so I don't see why he would report me.

He even has containertrust on my claim, whole thing seems rather odd.

I don't know how to reach chimzor1, just met him ingame.

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Yea, I keep getting a read timout error about 30 seconds after logging in.


coords where I kept spawing in a crashing the server: x:772 y:68 z:193


just crashed again


Internal exception: java.net.SocketTimeoutException: Read timed out


part of the tekkit log from the latest crash: http://pastebin.ca/2693193


edit 4/9

Logged on while nobody was on, inventory was empty, but key bindings for power armor was still there

Edited by sarg221
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No idea, it started after the server wnet down that one night right after tekkit launcher updated.  Since then, i've been getting a read time out error after about 30 seconds.  it worked for a while after the admins cleared my inventory, but for some reason my power armor hotkeys were still there, despite having no power armor.

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We believe there is some corruption involving OnixWarrior12's home.  We've banned him temporarily until we can find out what exactly is going on. As soon as it's fixed we'll unban. I hope he/she sees this.

Ban lifted. Need him to join so we can find out where he is when it crashes.

Edited by Sudeva
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