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Game bug?


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Uhh, Some help would be appreciated. 


Iv'e just installed the Technic Launcher and have attempted to install Tekkit, however I get this error message during the installation:


"Error: Could not create the Java Virtual Machine.

Error: A fata exception has occurred. Program will exit."


I have re-installed Minecraft but it has had no effect.



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Did you install most recent Java from java.com, or any Java for that matter since it seems like you have none? If you have a 64-bit OS make sure that you have 64-bit Java, because even earier Win7 if you have not updated Internet Explorer at java.com might only automatically install 32-bit Java. In Linux openjdk-7-jre works.


Have you purchased minecraft at some point in time (so you have a minecraft/mojang login) and does regular minecraft launcher from minecraft.net work? If that does not work, tekkit minecraft likely will not.

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