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[3.1.2] Random-Craft Tekkit Classic - Factions [No Lag][Very Fair][FACTIONS][18+ TPS]


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IP: factions.random-craft.com
Random-Craft Tekkit Classic servers--Factions Edition. Here at this sever we provide a unique factions experience with the famous Tekkit Classic modpack. The server was started on 3/28/14
and plans to keep going on for a while. We have one world--the raiding world. Factions is the primary plugin. Raiding and griefing is allowed(cause it's factions). Certain items have been nerfed, including Quantum Armour(You know why...). PVP combat logging is enabled. Nano Sabers have been buffed up. We are a very fair factions server that aims to be the best. Come and join us now! (Votifier coming soon)
- Virtually lag free
- Average of 18+ TPS
- 30+ Plugins
- 20 Slots total(+ any donor reservations)
- Nearly 96%+ uptime
Unique Features:
- Industrial Credits can be traded for money(1 IC = 10)
- IC credits are dropped randomly by mobs(no crafting them)
- Nano armour only holds 75000EU(not the normal 100000EU)
- Quantum armour is only 2x better than nano(meaning it holds 150000EU)
- Nano Saber holds 60000EU(not the normal 40000EU)
- Nukes are nerfed to about 2x TNT
- Destruction catalyst and destruction catalyst nerfed
- Timers can go down to 0.8
- 20 Slots(Will be upgraded soon)
Mods Banned: none
Perma-Banned Items:
- Ring of Arcana(A big mess..)
- Ring of Ignition/Harvest Goddess Band
- Gem armour
- Power Teleport Pipes(Crashes)
- DM Pedestal(Lag)
- Watch of Flowing Time
*Restricted Items. Format=item:rank its unlocked:
- Usage of water/lava(buckets):Member
- Nukes:Member
- Dynamite,Cannons:Member
- Lava/Water Amulet:Experienced
- Black Hole Band:Experienced
- Desturction Catalyst/Catalytic Lens:Experienced
- Void Ring:Donors
- World Anchors:Donors
*Failure to use unbanned items properly will result in ban.
- Multiple Homes
- Color, magic, and chat format
- Special Kits
- /me, /back
- Colors in signs
- Disguise as: chickens, pigs, cows, silverfish, ect.
- Perms to make/use void ring
- Teleport cooldown bypass
- /nick
- /near, /ext, /weather
- Use of world anchors
[1] No hacking, spamming, or advertising
[2] No harrasing anyone!
[3] Respect the staff
[4] No repetitive killing(E.I Killing the same person 5 times in a row)
[5] No AFK machines!
[6] Make sure your machines are properly built and do not spit items
[7] No X-Ray or duping
[8] No asking for any ranks
Failure to follow the rules will result in banning!
Guest: Less than 12 hours playtime on the server.
Member: Obtain after 12 hours of playtime.
Experienced: Obtain after 48 hours of playtime.
Come and join us! We would love to have another player with us playing!
IP: factions.random-craft.com
Website: www.random-craft.com
By the way, moderators or any other higher rank have no teleporting powers. This is to prevent staff abuse.
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