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NOVA SERVER [24/7, plugins, Attack of the B-Team, 50slots] UPDATED 1.0.10b!

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UPDATED! That's right peeps, NOVA has been updated ^.^

Thanks to everyone for their patience and support. last night I updated the pack and it is now open for everyone.  YAY. So update to 1.0.10b and you can player

Only item not on the server is the crayfish furniture mod Oven, reason: is a bitch and crashes the server.

Every server has a problem with it, and so yea, its getting scrapped.

I will also be choosing TWO trial moderators tonight from the applicants. So good luck to them and hopefully they can prove themselves worthy to become permanent staff of the NOVA family.

<3 Have fun with the new update and cya all on NOVA soon.

NOVA keeps on burning.


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it was down due to dynmap and host confusion, was weirdness.

 but all sorted. Though I think server crashes might be a regular thing until we can move to a new host that can handle the awesomeness of NOVA.


Anyway, come on and join us again for more fun :3

Which should be soon right?! haha

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The server did have some issues, something to do with the modpack update destroying the generation and loading of the chunks. So I had to completely remake the server, so everything is new. So you may come back to NOVA now, and sorry about the reset, I really am. But Nova is bk to normal and burning brightly.



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