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Do you like standing near sludge boilers? :)


Bear in mind also there's two hunger bars - one you see (the 'food' bar) and one you don't (the 'saturation' bar).  The second bar is increased a lot by things like cooked meat, but not by much for things like apples or cookies.  The saturation bar runs down invisibly before you get to see the food bar go down, that's why some foods seem to keep you 'full' for longer than others.


AotBT contains a few berries that you can eat even when full - this is filling your saturation bar when you eat and your food bar is full (when the eating animation stops, your saturation bar is full).

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In my game (I started yesterday) I eat in the mean time coconut-peaces and pineappel-pieces...

Could that be the "wrong" Food?


And no.. I am not Swimming in sludge-pits :D Only in water at the last time...

 Thanks all for your replies.. I will try it with stakes, hopefully that helps for some time.


Mgf Semthepro

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those pieces are not highly saturating (they're near equivalent to apples) and you'll go through a ton of them. I recommend a potato farm if you can since theyre easy to produce and they're one of the best foods of vanilla minecraft.

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