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Remove the hover descriptions?


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What mod is responsible for the hover descriptions when you look at close objects and mouseover items in your inventory?


First time playing Minecraft with in-depth mods after about 3 years and I decided to start with Tekkit and that hover thing is quite annoying. NEI has a highlight option, but it's disabled by default, so that's not it.  I cannot figure out what mod is doing it.

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You may be referring to Waila, which is mostly responsible for the information rectangle at the top of the screen. Press 0 to open its config menu. You can either disable it or fine-tine what it does.

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Thank you.


I would have probably never discovered that on my own.


The other features of the mod seem useful, but I don't see a way to only disable the floating overlay when looking at blocks, so I guess I just have to disable the mod entirely.

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