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Error downloading file for the following pack : Vanilla


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Hello everyone,


 Maybe my english is bad please dont hate me for that. So I´ve got a problem, that is similiar to others. When i logged in to hexxit and i pressed on the PLAY button it started to download. Everything was fine and Minecraft started. When i pressed the Play button the next time, it didnt take 3 secs until an error appeared. the following message appears:


Error downloading file for the follwing pack: Vanilla


Failed to download http//:mirror.technicpack.net/technic/version/1.7.5/1.7.5.json


Please consult the modpack author.


The problem now is that i even tried to turn off my Avira like it was mentioned many times in responds to these questions. However it still didnt work. I really need your help... How can i solve this problem?


Thanks for your help!

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