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End of Stream - Can't join any Attack of the B-Team Server


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Hello Guys! My friend and me played 2 hours (or something) on his own Attack of the B-Team Server. He was a bit lagging and then he wanted to rejoin the server, but he couldn't: The "DirtScreen" said all the time... "Logging in..." and after a while: "End of stream."

I left the server for no reason, lol, but I wanted to rejoin the Server too! But the same thing happenned to me. We thought our Server is down again but then I wanted to join another Server. And guess what happenned: The same thing.


- Sorry for my bad English, I'm from Germany.


- Server hosted by Nitrado


- My Skype: paiflp


- Thanks for Help. Paif.

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This BUG should be Posted in tracker BUT I know your problem , Mojang has Updated here severs for April Fools and is having issues with MOD PACKS , There may be a Update but I think ull will just have to wait to tomorrow

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