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Solved - Tekkit Server Crash while placing aluminumWireHeavy


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Was playing on my tekkit server (Linux Fedora 17) last night and went to place some additional (already placed ~10) Heavy Aluminum Wires to connect up a oil refinery. 

Placement failed (made the noise, cleared out of my inventory, but didn't show up). Clicked again and the server crashed. 


Crash Log:



Full Crash Log:



I updated the server (was one rev behind current 4/1/2014 version) and it made no difference. It appears there is something now programmed into the world that is causing this. 

I've done quite a few hours of searching, submitted a bug report to galaticraft folks, but am hoping to find a resolution. 

My first thought was to just remove/replace any block ID 2529 (Aluminum Wire Heavy) with dirt (we only have ~10 wires placed) but I cannot find a reliable way to do this via command line (headless machine running the fedora based server).

Any straightforward suggestions? I have my world backed up so have no issues being cavalier. Been doing a LOT of googling and found a few folks with similar issues but I think they just nuked their maps and started over. 

The server will come up enough that I can type normal /whatever server commands.

Thanks in advance!


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I ended up temporarily removing all of the galaticraft mods (galaticraft, galaticraft-planets, and micdoodle), loading the game, letting it bark about errors and delete all of the galaticraft blocks/tiles. Map loaded successfully and worked fine (shy of no GC). 

Then I put the mods back in and booted back up. 

Working nicely now. 

I thought I had tried that before but must have missed getting all 3 of the mods out of there so the game could successfully boot. 


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