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Map, how do i clear old map picture at full map mode.?


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This has been bugging me out quite long, and i haven't figure out it yet.. so as i said in topic. how i can clear my full screen mode from old world map picture? it start to get way too messy :D picture in picture in picture, and new picture is writing on it.. Or is just glitch that i need to travel that area all over to get a full new picture? (what i have done pretty much every time)? now it just start to get too huge to travel all that area... i tried search tool but i could not find topic about this.. Thank you for help :)

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Head to the modpack folder, then into saves, then into mapwriter_sp_worlds or mapwriter_mp_worlds depending on Single Player or MultiPlayer maps. And finally into the map folder. After that you should have an images folder, deleting it will remove all of the images associated with that world.

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