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-[TS3]- ✶★✶ B-Team Teamspeak Server ✶★✶ ☁ Friendly Community ☁ Mature Staff ☁ 20+ Slots ☁ 24/7

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Hello everyone,
I am hosting an attack of the bTeam, Teamspeak server. We are only open for anyone to join. On the Teamspeak server just join and have fun! The aim of this is to bring the bTeam community together so we can all help each other and really make something of this new mod by coming together. The server has mods that you will be able to contact if they are needed, main staff members are Bolly12321 (Bolly), Sposha & Spazmonkey05. So feel free to contact us if you need our help

Teamspeak ip: ts3.kingdomscity.com


Rules -

  • Use common sense when chatting and have fun.



If you have any questions contact me on this forum or on our website www.kingdomscity.com

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This is by far one of the best TeamSpeak servers I have ever been on, it is very organized, great ranks and friendly people. It continues to amaze me how great a single TeamSpeak server can be, this definitely raises the bar for all other team speak servers :)


- TickleMuhPickle

Moderator Of Survival Server

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