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Item eating pipes.


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We recently set up a semi-automated ore processing facility on the server I play on, using mostly TE3 machines and ducts. However, it seems that items sometimes go missing in the pipes. Since we used opaque ducts I can't really tell what's happening, but something in the system is eating our stuff.

I've looked it over to see if it has accidently been connected to some other inventory somewhere, but as far as I can tell it hasn't.

I've also made sure that the finished products chest hasn't got things blacklisted on its input duct. (it's not filtered at all)


Is anybody else experiencing the same problem?

Is it a bug, or am I just ignorant to some of the finer points of duct management?

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Some random machine inventory picking the items up would have been my guess, but since you already checked that, no idea.

I have never had an item gone missing with TE ducts, either with me present or absent (and the duct being chunkloaded). It might be an issue with only parts of your setup being chunkloaded, but that's about all I can think of right now.

If this was a bug, more people should experience it.

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not everything being chunkloaded...  hmmm.  if one section of itemduct is outside a chunkloaded area, and no one is close enough to it to player load it, then any items passing through the item ducts probably will pop out of that piece of itemduct.  This could account for some items going missing.  But only for times when no one is close by.

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Had the same problem some time ago..

I fixed it with setting the servers view distance to 5 instead of 10.

Seemed the Server just despawned the entities because of overload.


For some reason after i did that the Dimensional Doors mod gave me a critical Error which crashed the server so have that in mind when you try to set the view distance down. :)

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